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The Flowstream range of Control Valves has
been designed to meet the ever increasing
demands of modern processing requirements, in
the Oil & Gas , Power, Petro-chemical, Chemical
and general industries. The design benefits from
a wide range of trim design which range from a
singe stage drilled hole cage (VeloCheck)
through to the labyrinth disc stack design
(VeloStak) required to meet the requirements of
critical / demanding applications. The correct
trim design will be selected by the FSI
Application Engineer at the valve specification
stage based on the process requirements, and
specific Application.


– 25 mm to 600 mm
– 1 in to 24 in


– ASME 150 to ASME 4500
– BS EN 1092-1 PN16 to PN 100
– API 5K to API 10K


– Flanged
– Butt weld end
– Hubbed (Clamped)


– ASME B16.34
– ASME B16.5 (Pipe Flanges)
– ASME B16.25 (Butt Weld End)
– API 6A


– Standard
– Normalising
– Cryogenic
– Bellows


The FSI control valve can be manufactured in
most forms of castable alloy, such as
– Carbon Steel (WCB, WCC, LCC)
– Stainless Steel (CF8M, CF3M, etc.)
– Chrome Moly (WC6, WC9, C12A)
– Duplex St.St. (A995 4A / 5A /6A)
– High Nickel – Monel®, Alloy 625,
– Aluminium Bronze
– Titanium
The globe valve can be supplied as an offset
design in forged material, and the angle body
design is available in both castable and forged


Trim material selected will be compatible with
the specified body material. In addition to
the base trim materials, Gr. 6 stellite / Ultimet
overlays and solid tungsten carbide inserts
may also be specified in order to prevent
erosion damage.


The various trim designs available for the FSI
Control valve range are shown on the facing
page. The standard trim used on low pressure
drops is named Contoured as shown in
Figure 1. This is basically a plug with a
profiled face to give the required flow
characteristic and Cv. But this trim has
relatively high pressure recovery which
means it has high potential for cavitation, and
also noise generation on gas / vapour flows.
Figure 2 presents the Spline trim which would
be used for low flow conditions, this has a Cv
range from 3 down to 0.015. The V-Check
shown in Figure 3 has low pressure recovery
which means it can handle much higher
pressure drops than the Contour Trim before
cavitation occurs, it is also the first stage in
controlling noise. For higher pressure drop
application the V-Check trim range
incorporates up to 5 stages of letdown.
Thereafter we consider using the V-Stak
which is a labyrinth type trim design, with up
to 36 turns.

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V-Check Trim V-Check 3 Trim

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